The match short vs long hairstyles has begun and the result is difficult to anticipate. It seems that short hairstyles have known an explosion when it comes to popularity lately and you can easily see why. Long as well as short hairstyles are fabulous and they are meant to offer women the diversity they need when it comes to hair styling.

Choosing the right hairstyle is not easy as a variety of things need to be taken into consideration such as hair type, personal preference, facial features, etc. To ensure you make the right choice turn to a professional hairstylist as hairstylists are well trained professionals which will be able to offer you advice and adapt the hairstyle to your facial features. Before you decide on a hairstyle try to take these things into account as they are meant to help you lean the balance towards the hairstyle that suits you best


Short hairstyles

It is a well known fact that short hairstyles can emphasize femininity by revealing the facial features. This type of hairstyles are however not for everyone as certain facial features just don’t benefit from short hairstyles. You can opt for a short haircut if:

-You have very feminine facial features. Women with soft and beautiful traits benefit best from this type of haircut due to the fact that short hairstyles reveal and enhance the facial features greatly. Women with a small nose can pull off this hairstyle best due to the fact that the haircut will balance the look perfectly.

-You radiate confidence as confidence is a very important thing since short hairstyles are a magnet when it comes to attraction. Confident women wear best short hairstyles, so if you exude self confidence you will definitely capture the attention.

-You are petite or have a perfectly proportioned body as the haircut will help balance your look. You can inspire yourself from a number of celebrities with short hairstyles as celebrities usually sport the latest trends in everything.

-You can spare a little bit of time for hairstyling every morning since certain short haircuts require washing and styling on a daily basis to look great. Short haircuts are indeed low maintenance as styling the hair can be done in just minutes.


Long hairstyles

Women with long hair benefit from versatility when it comes to hairstyling and this is very difficult to top. Long hairstyles are considered to be the most feminine hairstyles as hair length helps soften the facial features and enhances femininity. Choose a long hairstyle if:

-You have a round face shape as hair length suits best this face shape. The hairs length will help balance the roundness of the face, creating a perfect illusion of length. Whether layered long hairstyles of blunt cut, long hairstyles look great.

-You have enough time to spend on hairstyling every day as long hairstyles are high maintenance hairstyles that require a generous amount of time for hair styling.

-You are willing to invest in quality hair products as long hairstyles need to be taken care of properly in order to look great. Only healthy hair can look and feel fabulous so purchase the right products for your hair type.

-You have curly or straight hair as these hairstyles look fabulous and will never go out of style. Curly tresses look best with hair length as this way the curls can be emphasized and receive the right posture and style.

Do consult with a professional before choosing a hairstyle so you can look great. The better you feel in your own skin the more you will radiate happiness and beauty so choose right and be confident!

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