It was a weekend when I met my cousin Jennifer; – I could not help but notice her hair. Jennifer used to have “hay” like hair after years of using chemicals, dyes and bleach on her hair but she now looked like a different person, she had hair that was healthy, thick, bouncy and healthy! I honestly thought she had just come out from a salon

I had to ask her “where did you get your hair done?”

She smiled “I did not”

“Well then how and why is your hair like this?” I asked

She told me that her hairdresser had given her an oil treatment-a deep oil treatment in which her then chemical damaged hair was soaked with an oil called Mira hair oil. She told me that she could not believe the effect Mira hair oil had on her hair, it went from dry hay like hair to soft silky hair from that single treatment. Amazed by its power, she bought a bottle for herself and used the oil just 3 times a week, it was now 2 months and she has never looked back and she swears by the oil

Jennifer also had long hair and she told me one of the major benefits of Mira hair oil was that it contained herbs known to stimulate the Anagen phase of hair growth by 80%-which is the hair growth stage .

Hearing all the benefits of Mira hair oil I decided to try out Mira hair oil myself and to be frank I was amazed, from the very first treatment I felt the difference.

The most important ingredient in this hair nurturer is virgin coconut oil combined with six herbs known to promote healthy  and faster hair growth. This formula was apparently used by Kings of old in India to strengthen their hair and to grow it long

Mira hair oil is rich in essential oils and also rich in vitamin E, it is great for repairing the hair. The oil also contains vitamin A and Omega 6 fatty acids both of which help to moisturize and protect your hair.  Mira hair oil is not just made of these basic herbs and oils, the magic lies in the way it is put together

Mira hair oil ® Treatment $69/100ml.

So what’s the product like? The texture is not so greasy – and to use it, all you have to do is take a little, apply it on the scalp and hair roots and that is it, you can also take a little rub it between your hands and smooth the end s of your hair to take away flyaways and split ends

Mira hair oil also helps to fill in the gaps on your hair shaft and will therefore even out all the damaged areas of your hair, increasing shine and volume…

And Mira hair oil can be used before blow drying –and acts as a natural heat protector. I actually thought it would weight my hair down but it did not, rather the opposite happened and my hair felt soft and bouncy. I now see what the rave is all about this amazing product

Here’s are simple ways to use Mira hair oil

The first step is to wash your hair and then towel dry it-now take a very little amount like ½ a teaspoon and rub between your hands and coat the knotty parts of your hair, the oil will help detangle your hair. Rub the Mira hair oil between your hands and apply from the roots to the end of your hair –this is for you if you have thin and fine hair.

You can also use the hair if you wear braids or don’t wash your hair often, it is also great to use before using a relaxer, simply apply to the scalp, allow it to sit in and proceed from there

And if you use heating tools, you will want to use Mira hair oil before and after it, heat damages hair but Mira hair oil will help prevent damage before and after the treatment

I use this oil every day and it is truly amazing, it seems to do it all-grow hair, stop frizz, dandruff, itchy scalp-seeing how versatile it is and owing to the fact that it is all natural I think every person who loves hair should have this Mira hair oil in their cabinet

I have tried many oils and hair treatments but there is nothing like Mira hair oil

Check out The Mira hair oil website below

and get yourself a bottle –your hair will never again be average dry or damaged. Longer thicker and beautiful hair can be yours with Mira hair oil

Source by rob maraby

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